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How Perfetti Van Melle Unlock their Growth in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing ROI

The CPG industry and its future are being reshaped fundamentally by digital transformation. Rather than a straightforward transaction completion, today’s customers seek memorable consumer experience. 

Perfetti Van Melle took the challenge of optimizing all digital channels and showed amazing results in the way they adapted to their customers’ buying preferences. 

Check out how they did it by downloading their success story.

Measuring leads & sales conversion from any retailer and touchpoint

Perfetti Van Melle, also known as PVM, regroups undisputable renowned brands such as Chupa Chups and Mentos, which are sold in more than 150 countries. With the rise in E-commerce, these brands compete by bettering their brand assets ; they found a balance between creative vision and shoppable technology: 

“Swaven allows us to make it easy for consumers to find and buy our products and at the same time the solution tracks the purchase paths and shopper choices. Our products get truly shoppable on any digital touchpoint! We also get a clearer view on our lead conversions to help us guide our decisions. I never thought I’d like analytics but now I want to measure all our digital assets.” 

Maud Brignon, Product Manager, Business Development, Perfetti Van Melle

Perfetti Van Melle puts at core to design their phy-gital shopping streams in accordance with shoppers’ preferences. Through the collaboration with Swaven they were able to identify buying patterns and optimize their distribution channels both online and offline.

Find out how they did it by downloading the Case Study right here.

If you are inspired by this case, you could be the next e-commerce success story ! Contact us directly here.

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