Collaborative Ads vs Swaven PoP

Collaborative Ads vs Swaven PoP Solutions – Infographic

If you have followed the recent trends on shoppable marketing tools, you have certainly heard about Collaborative Ads. 

Collaborative Ads were developed by Meta to allow brands to drive sales on a partner retailer’s website via Instagram and Facebook campaigns. 

However, Meta’s Collaborative Ads usage options are very limited. 

There are other solutions to make your brand products shoppable and ease the purchase path on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube and all other platforms!

Check in our infographic below how Swaven’s PoP solutions compete with Collaborative Ads to boost your sales from all shopper touchpoints. Click here or on the image below.

Boost your shoppability on all digital touchpoints

Swaven offers many benefits via its Smart Link and the Immersive PoP solutions that may better suit your needs.

With Swaven you can for example redirect your brand audience towards your Direct To Consumer platform and any e-Retailers and Brick & Mortar stores  selling your products.

You can implement Swaven solutions for all your campaigns, on any digital touchpoint and platform.  Furthermore, you get a complete view on your purchase path and lead conversion performances for all your channels. 

If you’d like to see learn more and see Best Practice examples from brands around the world to weigh your options, contact Swaven Team for a demo!

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