Case Study Lea Nature

How Léa Nature gains 26% more Consumer Engagement & Omnichannel Conversions

Léa nature, an independent group specialized in organic and natural products, embraces the recent developments in consumer behavior. They have adopted an omnichannel ‘shoppable’ strategy in order to constantly measure and optimize their offer and services to consumers.

Today, the French group has implemented Shoppable technologies for 8 of their renowned brands: Jardin Bio, Karéléa, Biosens, So Bio Etic, Jonzac, ​​La Source Eau Thermale Rochefort, Biovie, and Natessance. 

To boost shopper engagement and lead conversions, Léa Nature bets on making purchase paths flawless & effective. They pursue this goal on all digital touchpoints, whether their customers choose to shop online or in-store. 

Check Léa Nature’s story for inspiration to boost both your eCommerce and Brick&Mortar sales 👉!

26% more engagement by adapting to Shopper choices

Léa Nature not only focused on putting every option to shop available; the group has first and foremost focused on understanding their customers. 

Aurélie Camus, Léa Nature

Aurélie Camus, Web Project Manager, Léa Nature :

“Swaven allows us to increase our customer knowledge and understanding at a time when data is more and more valuable and has become increasingly difficult to obtain and manage. Like for many brands, this has become a strategic issue for us in order to provide a pertinent response to consumers’ needs.”

Understanding their leads and conversions has allowed Léa Nature brands to achieve amazing results while optimizing their phy-gital distribution model and making their customers happier!

If you are curious about how Léa Nature turned all touchpoints into unmissable shopping opportunities, download their story right here. 

For more insights, get in touch with the Swaven Team. Let’s speak about how to drive omnichannel success for your Brand too!

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