Retailers – Drive more sales with your supplier Brands

Retailers, do you want to get more shoppers to your stores to drive your sales? We have opened a new collaborative space on the Swaven platform to help you profit more from your supplier brands’ marketing – for free!

The goal: More potential shopper leads => More sales conversion!

The access to our collaboration platform is completely free for retailers. Let’s check in more detail.

What’s this about ? 

We work at the crossroad of Consumer Brands and their Retailers. Our Shoppable Media and Where-to-Buy solutions facilitate purchase paths both online and offline, in order to provide the most immersive and flawless shopping experiences to consumers. 

Multichannel Brands – our clients – make their sites and media ads shoppable with Swaven. They invest digital budgets to build audiences and to create engagement. At the end of the funnel they have … shoppers! Consumers who are expecting to complete their purchase at their preferred Retailer shop.

We help brands redirect these shoppers to their chosen retailers.

As online sales have exploded since last year, we address the latest eCommerce challenges by making all brand contents shoppable, across all platforms.

Below an example of a social media post that leads shoppers to the Swaven Player to get redirected to the retailer of their choice in one click to purchase the advertised product.


As a retailer, why should I join the Collaborative Platform

Let’s start with a question: Do you want your store to be on top of Shoppers’ list? If the answer is yes, don’t wait for your competitors to get there first 😉 ! The collaboration is free and easy. Get more shoppers in your stores! 

If you’d like a little more detailed list on why you should join, let’s see:
  • You will get your fair share of leads from your premium brands,
  • You will leverage the brands’ marketing investment, to collect what matters to you : shoppers in your stores, 
  • You will not miss free revenue opportunities,
  • You will get detailed data to monitor your relative performances on Swaven’s analytics app,
  • You will ensure your e-commerce integration with top brands as a key element to long term success. 

For retailers, the access to our collaboration platform and shopper traffic is completely cost-free!

By connecting better with the brands you already work with, you can maximize your visibility, and ensure data accuracy to improve your positioning.

It’s fast, easy and secure. 💯. We do not collect any personal data of the shoppers, only statistical data which are not shared with any third parties.

How can I become a Connected Retailer?

Simply sign up here and we take care of everything from then on. We will get in contact with you and guide you all the way. We know your time is precious, so we have made it very easy and simple for you.

You will have an option between 3 plans that are all FREE. Check some more information here.

Get in touch with us to learn more and to get a live presentation of the platform.

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