How to drive Social Commerce easily on any channel

Would you like to welcome easy Social Commerce now and say goodbye to technical barriers, channel limitations, and dispersed performance reports?

We have great news for you! You can finally empower any post, story, and ad on any social media with ease to drive sales and consumer experience by letting the shoppers choose from their favourite shopping options. 

At the same time you can measure conversion from impressions to sales in a coherent and consistent way on all your consumer touch points to better understand and optimize your digital marketing performances. How?

We invite you to discover Swaven’s latest innovation for social shoppable media: Self-Service Studio.

Social Commerce with instant Shoppable Media

Swaven’s latest innovation allows you to make any social media asset Immersively Shoppable within a few minutes directly on the Swaven platform, in its new Self-Service Studio space. 

  • It’s simple. All you need is your product reference with its creative asset and the list of retailers & shops selling it. 
  • In three steps it’s done! Add your product assets on our intuitive self-service user space on the Swaven App, your one-stop-shop for Shoppable Media.
  • Plug & Play. Get your tracked redirection links in a snap. Start driving sales and measuring conversions at all your sales channels online & offline, immediately.
LVMH drives easy social commerce with Swaven's Self Service Studio

Identify you best business drivers

Measuring and optimising the profitability of digital media campaigns can be very challenging. Especially for multi-channel brands selling their products via multiple retailers. 

The multiplied social media channels and their walled gardens haven’t made the task easier. There’s lots of data available but getting a clear and comparable view on the performances between the networks can be both time consuming and confusing. 

Swaven can help your brand to boost your lead and sales conversions on any digital touchpoint and at all your sales channels in one go: DTC, e-retailers and offline points of sale.

We enable brands to build a channel independent KPI analysis on the digital marketing business impact. This analysis is based on First Party Data, which is gathered by the brand via their shoppable media assets. It is not filtered or sold by any network that is selling their advertising space. 

With the new Social Shoppable Media campaigns created on our platform, your brand can onboard the social commerce train fast and without constraints to:

1. Optimize Shoppers’ Path to Purchase to boost sales on any social network

Turn your creative media assets into direct sales opportunities. Drive consumers from your organic and paid posts, stories and ads to available Retailers to buy your products, in one click.

Acqua di Parma drives easy social commerce with Swaven's Self Service Studio

2. Know your Best Lead Sources to optimize your social media marketing efforts and budgets

Measure your shopper engagement and conversion from impressions to sales. Identify your best selling content and acquisition channels immediately. Adapt your strategy with your distributors accordingly.

3. Detect the products and offers that generate the best performance and take advantage of trends.

A/B test several creatives fast and easily. Pay only for generated lead traffic, for shoppers redirected to your retailers to shop your products.

Laurent Quatrefages, Co-founder & CEO of Swaven:

“We have made it extremely easy for multi-channel brands and their agencies to get started with shoppable media technology. With the new Self-Service Studio, they can launch without any barriers and easily test their different designs. They will only pay by leads redirected to retailers so it’s worth it! They can thus immediately identify their best performing levers from business point of view. This has become essential for brands in order to increase their marketing ROI.“

Check out >> here and get started!

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