Sales Promotion in Shoppable Media with Swaven

How to boost Sales Promotion in Shoppable Media now

Your brand’s sales promotion campaigns trigger many impulse purchases during the year. Who doesn’t love a good deal, right 😍?

Discounts, gift cards, free samples, product bundles, there are many forms of sales promotion. They all can help you to boost sales conversion, repeat sales and upsell opportunities for your brand, and increase customer loyalty. 

But shoppers will decide between your brand and others and it’s a tough game 🥵. The more shopper wishes you can fulfill, and faster, the better chances you have to win.

In today’s economic climate, promotions can represent important if not essential factors to grow or maintain your market share.

That’s why Swaven has developed a new feature to offer you an easy way to display and measure your sales promotions within your shoppable media campaigns. Discover how it works within our Immersive PoP* solution, adapted to all social media and ad campaigns! 

*Point of Purchase

From Shoppable Media to Sales Promotion and Basket

With Shoppable Media you can engage consumers from within your creative ads and social media posts to a seamless shopping journey. In order to increase conversion rates, you can offer shoppers the choice to easily buy your products according to their preferences: from your DTC store and your Retailers online & offline.

Thanks to Swaven’s new Promotion feature, you can now also connect your sales promotions within your shoppable media assets to:

📍 Trigger more instant purchases from both your DTC store and your Retailers via any social post, story and ad.

📍 Measure promotion conversions from impressions to sales at all your sales channels: DTC, e-retailers & offline.

📍 Collect First Party data to develop your loyalty programs and promotions based on shopper preferences.

📍 Increase customer lifetime value by rewarding repeat purchases and upsell.

Sales Promotion in Shoppable Media

Does this sound interesting? Let’s see an example of how the promotions can be displayed within our Immersive PoP solution 👇

Sales Promotion in Shoppable Media with Immersive PoP

Start using Self-Service Studio now!

You can configure and customize the promotions in collaboration with the Swaven team or create them in a few simple steps on our new Self-Service Studio!

Do you like this idea? 😍

Get in touch with the Swaven Team to learn more about our new options for sales promotions and the analytics you can see on the Swaven App for all your promotional campaigns.

Get started with Sales Promotion in Shoppable Media

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