L'Oreal Mexio Sales Promotion Drive to Salon

L’Oréal Professionnel breaks ground with a new “Drive to Salon” campaign

Advertising campaigns in the field of beauty and makeup are becoming more and more dynamic, focusing on a seamless customer journey to fuel shopper engagement and sales conversion.

However, joining the dots between the online and offline shopper journey can be challenging for brands that sell their products in salons by beauty and haircare professionals.

As one of the most ambitious companies, L’Oréal is again showing a great example of how this can be accomplished. Not only do they make it easy and attractive for consumers, but they also increase benefits for their network of professionals.

Let’s see what L’Oréal Professionnel, specializing in professional hair care products, has put in place in Mexico with new promotion features from Swaven.

Drive-To-Salon from Social Media with “Smart Promotion”

L’Oréal Professionel Mexico approached Swaven to implement a new and unique solution for their new campaign on social media.

Their goal is to offer better service to consumers and to attract more potential clients to their hair salons.

In addition to making their campaign shoppable, and redirecting consumers to available salons according to shoppers’ geolocation, L’Oréal used a special promotional offer. This offer could be easily displayed within the campaign, using Swaven’s latest Promotion feature.

What’s new is that the Promotions are getting “smart” too with Swaven, with integration of QR codes within the shoppable media and a specific possibility for brands to collect first-party shopper data with user consent.

L’Oréal can monitor the whole conversion funnel from the Promotional campaign on any social media to the use of their vouchers at the salons. They get full visibility on the performance of their brand promotions, from impressions to sales.

Let’s have a look at the slideshow below to see how the Promotional campaign of L’Oréal Professionnel Mexico works to create a full shopper journey from online to offline.

Click to discover the full infographic of L’Oréal shopper journey 👇

With the new “Smart Promotion” feature of Swaven, brands like L’Oréal Professionnel are now able to unlock many incredible things such as:

📍 Win more customers on Social Media & measure promotion conversions from impressions to leads and sales at all online and offline points of sale.

📍 Connect with customers both online and in physical stores and salons offering top-of-mind experiences.

📍 Collect First Party data via personalized QR codes with user consent to develop loyalty programs and promotions.

📍 Increase customer lifetime value by rewarding repeat purchases and upselling.

Seamless brand experiences boosted by Promotions

Accordingly to NCSolutions, 43% of American consumers are looking for sales promotions to afford their favorite brands. Discounting may not save everything in the bottom line, but it may keep inflation-weary shoppers from abandoning their shopping baskets altogether.

For certain, Promotions are a great way to maintain and/or gain market share, especially during high sales seasons, like end-of-year festivities.

That’s why Swaven has developed a new feature – Smart Promotion – to offer you an easy way to display and measure your sales promotions within any of your media campaigns and assets.

L'Oréal Professionnel with Swaven's Smart Promotion

Key Takeaways for marketers

️🎉 As the lines between physical and digital continue to blur, brands need to create and maintain presence at every step of the customer journey to fuel continuous growth.

🎉 You can engage consumers from within your creative ads and social media posts to a seamless customer journey with different kinds of promotions and offers by using Swaven’s Smart Promotions.

🎉 Test and Learn! Get insights with First-Party data from all your social media accounts with a coherent and consistent way to measure your performances. You can gather all your KPIs in one place, on the Swaven App.

🎉 Customer is at the center of your strategy! Adapt your offers and services according to the customer preferences: on your DTC store and your Retailers, Salons and other Points of sale online & offline that you have.

💌 Get in touch with the Swaven Team to learn more about our Smart Promotion feature integrated with the Immersive PoP* solution, adapted to all social media and ad campaigns, and the analytics you can see on the Swaven App for all your promotional campaigns.

*Point of Purchase

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