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Retailer Collaboration Platform – Drive your sales and Leads

Retailers, do you want to get more shoppers to your stores to increase your sales? Let’s discover the 3 plans of Swaven Retailer Collaboration Platform.

We have opened a new Retailer Collaborative Space on the Swaven platform to help you profit more from your supplier brands’ marketing – for free!

The goal: More potential shopper leads = More sales conversion!

Access to our Retailer Collaboration Platform is completely free. Check out what this is about in the video down below!

As mentioned in the video, by connecting better with the brands you already work with, you can maximize your visibility, and ensure data accuracy to improve your positioning as opposed to your competitors.

Join the Retailer Collaboration Platform, you will be able to benefit from key insights to optimize your performance such as:

Seeing your increased traffic of shoppers with high purchase intention.

Knowing which of your audiences generates the most revenue

Benchmarks to monitor their relative performances on the Swaven App

How can I become a Connected Retailer?

You will have an option between 3 plans that are all FREE.

Check some more information here.

Simply sign up here and we take care of everything from then on.

We will get in contact with you and guide you all the way.

We know your time is precious, so we have made it very easy and simple for you.

Get in touch with us to learn more and to get a live presentation of the platform.

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