Biocodex Case Study with Swaven

How DTC and Retail channels converge in Biocodex’s digital strategy to increase ROI and qualified leads by 23%

Biocodex Laboratories is a major player in the field of pharmaceutical products with more than 20 global subsidiaries and distribution in 120+ countries.

In its digital strategy, they pursue excellence with an omnichannel and customer-centric approach. This consists of adapting to consumer needs and preferences on both Direct-To-Consumer and Retail channels online & offline.

In our new case study, Biocodex demonstrates why this is essential for multi-channel brands today, in order to successfully increase digital marketing performances, customer satisfaction, and sales conversions.

Biocodex places Customers first, always!

Whether the consumers prefer to buy from their DTC channels or from their retailers online and offline, Biocodex wants to offer the best possible customer service via a frictionless shopping journey.

This objective is completely compatible with their goals to increase digital performances and ROI too!

By using Swaven’s shoppable media solutions for eCommerce enablement and full brand funnel analytics, they are able to constantly monitor shopper preferences and optimize their marketing strategy and budgets.

Since 2020, Swaven’s PoP (Point of Purchase) solutions have been implemented so far in 6 countries in Europe and in America for 4 Biocodex brands.

As a result, they constantly increase qualified leads to retailers, optimize their loyalty programs, and drive profitable digital growth!

Julien Ensuque, Global E-commerce & Digital Director, Biocodex:

“Swaven plays a fundamental role in achieving our goals.

👉 First, their solutions allow us to offer a quality service to all our brand audiences whatever their shopping preferences are, online and offline.

👉 Second, we are able to leverage our digital marketing to drive sales both via our DTC and Retail channels, which is crucial.

👉 Third, we get to track the sales conversion and a clear view on our KPIs to evaluate and optimize our digital strategy.

Moreover, it’s a fantastic global collaboration with a team that shares our passion for continuous digital growth.”

Actionable data and a shared understanding of performances among Biocodex teams and their retailer partners allow Biocodex to accelerate their digital transformation while making customers happier!

If you are curious about how Biocodex turned all touchpoints into unmissable shopping opportunities, download their story right here!

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