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Swaven provides Brand Commerce technology dedicated to consumer goods brands. With its unique POP (Point of Purchase) solutions, Swaven makes brands’ website contents and digital advertising campaigns shoppable, and helps brands increase sales by directing geolocated consumers to their stores and retailers online and offline. Swaven’s solutions are adapted to all digital touch points and formats: website, social media, mobile, email, video, display, etc. Operating as a SaaS, Swaven is easily accessible and allows brands and agencies to monitor and analyse their campaigns worldwide channel by channel and to collect actionable consumer and product insights to increase their marketing performances.

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Swaven was founded by Laurent Quatrefages, CEO, and Sébastien Thiberge, COO and director of Swaven’s North American office.

Launch of POP On Site solution with multi-distributor display. Its first integration was realised with L’Oréal for the Mixa brand.

Swaven raised Series A funding from Amaury Group and BPI France Innovation.


Launch of POP In Banner solution for display advertising. The first POP In Banner campaign was realised with Carte Noire.

Launch of POP In Video solution. The first POP In Video campaign was realised with JDE for L’Or Espresso.


Creation of POP Landing Page solution. Its first integration was realised with Johnson & Johnson for Le Petit Marseillais brand.

Launch of POP Mobile solution.
L’Oréal was the first to use this solution for its Puma brand.


Creation of multi-product POP In Banner & POP In Chatbot solutions.

Henkel and Lancaster were the first to deploy these new concepts. 


Launch of new POP plug & play format that allows instant integration without any technical or layout modifications.

Dynamic Content Optimisation technology for display ads.

Swaven gets Google certification as a trusted ad technology provider.

New social media functionalities launched.

International deployment coverage 30+ countries. 


Launch of Business Impact analyser, a new unique KPI to measure total digital marketing performance and ROI.

Creation of new custom design features with unlimited look & feel options for brands.

Winner of the European Technology Awards in the category Brand Commerce.

International deployment coverage 60+ countries.

Launch of the Swaven Web App – real-time reporting dashboard. 


Opening of Swaven’s North American office in Montreal, Canada.

New custom design Store Locator features launched.

Swaven was nominated as the Best Omnichannel Technology provider at The Retail Systems Awards.

To be continued… 


Our founders.

Laurent Quatrefages and Sébastien Thiberge
met when they were working in leading positions at eCommera. Years of personal and professional experience in the digital and ecommerce ecosystem and their strong entrepreneurial determination led to the creation of Swaven, the Brand Commerce Company, in 2013.

Swaven has its international headquarters in Paris. In 2020, Swaven opened its North American office in Montreal. With the objective of helping brands to turn their digital marketing efforts into direct business opportunities, Laurent as CEO and Sébastien as COO and director of the North American office of Swaven, continue to drive the development of Swaven’s innovative solutions for consumer product brands worldwide.

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