Rules regarding Swaven’s use of cookies in the context of the POP services

This document explains the cookie policy of the company Swaven in the context of the POP (Point of Purchase) services used by our clients (brands or agencies) in their digital media distributions.

We invite you to consult these usage rules regularly as they may change over time.

Why cookies?

Cookies are text files that are used by browsers to maintain or improve the functionality of digital services on the internet. They are stored on your computer or mobile phone and they memorize information about your internet use.

The data collected by our cookies are exclusively for our use and not shared with any third parties. The data help us either to secure our service or to develop statistics about the navigation and the presentation of our contents in order to optimize our POP services for the users throughout their browsing sessions.

What types of cookies do we use?

During your POP usage, Swaven will use two types of cookies: Security Cookie, and Performance & Analytical Cookie.

The security cookie: __cfduid

This is a strictly necessary cookie which protects Swaven from malicious practices. Swaven does not proceed to cross-site tracking, and does not follow users from site to site by merging various identifiers into a profile.

The user IP address is part of the collected data. These data will be destroyed 7 days after its collection.

The life duration of the cookie is 12 months.

The performance and analytical cookie: swntid

This performance and analytical cookie helps Swaven to measure and optimize the navigation, and the performance of our POP exclusively for the website currently visited by the user. We use a Visitor id in order to produce audience measures based on unique visitor measures. Swaven does not proceed to cross-site tracking, and does not follow users from site to site by merging various identifiers into a profile.

We operate a city scale geolocation thanks to the partial analysis of the IP address.

The life duration of this cookie is 12 months.


You may want to increase your geolocation accuracy.
You have two ways to do so :
1- accept in your Internet browser the HTML5 geolocation service. Based on your explicit consent we will proceed to more accurate geolocation.
2- enter into the POP service your own precise location, to benefit from an even more accurate geolocation.

Activating or deactivating cookies

Cookies can be activated, deactivated or deleted in the settings of your internet browser. To find out more about the necessary procedure, please refer to your browser’s help window.

Personal Data: your rights
Regarding our usage of your Personal Data, you can ask, at any time, for an access, a rectification, an erasure, a data portability or a right to object.

To do so please send an email to [email protected]