Rules regarding Swaven’s use of cookies in the context of the POP services

This document explains the cookie policy of the company Swaven in the context of the POP (Point of Purchase) services used by our clients (brands or agencies) in their digital media diffusions.

We invite you to consult these usage rules regularly as they may change over time.

Why cookies?

Cookies are text files that are used by browsers to maintain or improve the functionality of digital services on the internet. They are stored on your computer or mobile phone and they memorise information about your internet use. This allows Swaven to optimise your visits on one or multiple POP services in terms of convenience and content relevance.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use 2 types of cookies:

1 – Anonymous identification
2 – Security

swntid1 yearTechnical user identification id
__cfduid1 yearCloudFlare security user id

We keep an anonymous record of the use of our POP services. Users are assigned a specific ID which is not linked to personal data. The security cookies help us avoid fraudulent or inappropriate uses of our services.

The data collected by our cookies is exclusively for our use and is not exchanged with any third parties. This data helps us to develop statistics about the navigation and the presentation of our contents in order to optimise our POP services for the users throughout their browsing sessions.

Activating or deactivating cookies

Cookies can be activated, deactivated or deleted in the settings of your internet browser. To find out more about the necessary procedure, please refer to your browser’s help window.