Grow your business by helping
your customers sell better.

If you work with consumer brands and retailers, we have common goals. By partnering with us, you can profit from our unique digital POP (Point Of Purchase) technology to offer innovative new services to your clients.

We work today with international, industry leading agencies and technology service providers that use our intelligent shoppable solutions to further advance their customers’ success.

Covering all digital touch points, our solutions adapt to your clients’ needs whichever channel and format they use.
Our technology is compatible with all current standards and our SaaS platform allows an easy access to our services.

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We collaborate with industry experts.

Digital & media agencies
Leading international agencies have integrated our unique POP solutions. Our SaaS platform provides tools for an easy campaign management, data extractions and reporting.
Advertising networks
We work with major local and global advertising networks worldwide. Our technology is compatible with all current ad standards including VAST – VPAID and HTML5 for online video.
Technology providers
We collaborate with leading specialists of adserving, tag management, DSP, DMP, and more. If you offer innovative technology for brands and retailers, get in touch to see how we can help each other.

Deploy locally and globally
according to your clients’ needs.

  • Easy & quick integration with any digital touch point: Site, Social, Mobile, Email, Chat, Display, Video, etc.
  • Customised & responsive design: Adapts to your customers’ brand design on all devices
  • Omnichannel solution: Define the display of online & offline stores according to your clients’ strategy
  • Adapted to all retail channels & sectors: Pure-player, click & collect, store locator
  • SaaS platform to manage campaigns and monitor results: Illimited access to data
  • Dedicated account management: Expert support and recommendations at your service

Our partners trust us.

Among a wide network worldwide.

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