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Our connected retailer partners get their fair share of shoppers and in-cart revenue directly from brands digital marketing investment.


How to opt-in?

By providing your professional email, Swaven will check and confirm if your company is already connected. If not, we will connect you in one simple click to get access to your daily feed of data.

Swaven complies with the most stringent Global Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR). Swaven, as an independent SaaS provider, will warrant the total security & safety of the data shared between brands and retailers.

The data is aggregated, anonymous and encrypted.
No information will be shared with any third parties at any time.


Brands direct their leads to connected retailers

This is a unique opportunity for you to capture shopper’s intent and grow your in-cart revenue
Brands are increasing their investment in digital marketing and e-commerce.
Brands use Swaven to direct shoppers to the retailers of their choice.
Swaven connects 450+ brands to 1,200+ retailers worldwide.
Swaven provides shoppers buying intent leads as in-basket revenue (not just clicks)
to connected retailers.

Get your free-access to your analytics by connecting now

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Enter first our DISCOVERY mode
It’s free of charge and you will see your relative positioning vs other retailers. What is your share of traffic? How many times a brand is displaying your logo? What is your position?

Then join our SHOPRANK community
By sharing your product catalog, you will be a member of our SHOPRANK community. You will become a retailer of choice for our brand partners. And this, at no cost for you. We will be able to match you with more consumers as we know exactly which products you are carrying. It is more impressions and in-cart revenue.

Ultimately become a member of our REVENUE CATCHER league
The ultimate step is to connect your sales with brand leads by installing Swaven’s clean pixel on your site. You will become the ultimate partner of choice for brands that will optimize their media plan to drive more traffic to your website by displaying your banner as a preferred option for all their marketing investment. And still 100% free of charge.

Be ahead of the pack
By connecting the dots between retailers and brands, Swaven helps you garner valuable insights and benchmarks to evaluate your performances through our unique dashboard to generate more sales. You will get more than you fair share of brand’s marketing investment.

Opt-in now and choose the best plan for your needs



You just need to register.
It is 100% free

Get access to key analytics.

Understand how you rank vs other retailers.
Total number of times you are displayed in a brand creative. How many times do you appear in a brand creative vs other retailers? What is your average position vs other retailers on a brand creative? Understand your missed shoppers.



Connect your product
catalog. Still 100% free

Become a partner of choice for brands and capture more traffic from brands’ marketing investment.

You are optimizing your sales by getting your fair share of inbound leads and by understanding the missed inbound leads that went to your competition.


Revenue catcher

Connect your sales.
Still 100% free

You are now the ultimate partner for brands.

You are maximizing your sale conversion by getting more than your fair share of traffic and prime placement on brand creative.

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